Just lunch dating service reviews

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Just lunch dating service reviews - starting conversation on dating website

I feel I have been cheated and not given the service that was promised, both quantitatively and qualitatively, but I don't wish to expend any more energy trying to fight with them, so I am moving on.However, I have researched this company online and read about many more instances of similar and even worse behavior from IJL both here and nationally.

I have tried to get out of my contract with them, but they have been adamant that is not an option.IJL makes no guaranties or warranties with respect to these Date Introductions." IJL arranges the dates, however, if the consumer cancels the date, it is still an introduction that IJL has presented and arranged for them to attend under the terms of the membership agreement.We appreciate the time the consumer has taken to express her experience and wish her the best in the future.Not only have they not provided the quality of service they promised, it has now been almost two years since I signed up.I bought the silver-premier membership, which guarantees membership for 12 months or 5 dates, whichever comes later.None of them ever said that if I cancelled a date I would be penalized for it.

I asked specifically several times, and that is what I was always told, even when I had a new representative.I explained this all to the person handling my complaint, but she wouldn't acknowledge it or give it any validity, even though it had been my direct experience with her company.I reiterated with her that since it is now a year past the end of the contract, that I wanted a prorated refund for the two dates that I was still owed.I realize I was stupid in signing a contract that was one-sided and open-ended, but to me, this is simply a shoddy business.I don't feel I have any recourse other than to make a complaint with you and hopefully spare anyone else from spending money on this fraudulent matchmaking service.Even though she refused to acknowledge that I was owed any dates, she offered to give me two additional dates, which I refused, since the quality of the dates I had been given so far was not what they had promised me originally and I had no desire to put myself through any more of their "service".

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