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Let’s say there are 40 people in a room and I’m attracted to all of the guys and all of the girls.There are nine guys who are gay and one girl who is queer.” Jinadasa recounts breaking up with her boyfriend last year partly because she wanted to have a relationship with a woman.

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Lauer ’14 speaks softly and wears her long blonde hair knotted in a ponytail.Lauer is a Peer Advising Fellow and a volunteer at the Phillips Brooks House Association; she holds an on-campus job and made her best friends during a pre-orientation program and over long conversations in Annenberg.She is also in a long-term relationship with another woman.“I don’t think it’s something Harvard talks about a lot,” says Lauer, in reference to the disparity in the number of gay men and gay women on campus.Female students who identify as gay, especially those like Lauer who are not involved in specifically queer groups, recount trying and often failing to find other women of their sexual orientation.I spent an entire year finding lesbians,” she says. Huckins ’16 met at an open house for the Office of BGLTQ Student Life at the beginning of the school year and have been happily dating since—but they’re the exception.

“I actually have a book in my room called ‘Finding the Lesbians.’” At a school where gay men are more easily encountered, addressing the question of where the lesbians are involves engaging in a larger discussion of existing stereotypes about lesbians and the fluidity of female sexuality. Huckins, a Crimson Arts comper, recalls a conversation with a friend: “We found it easy to rattle off the men who are openly gay in the Class of 2016, but we could name fewer than 10 women,” she recalls, pausing to consider the significance of her statement.It’s something I’ve always thought about, but I’m just not sure...I don’t think it’s something Harvard talks about a lot." "I think the gay male population is much more visible than the lesbian community, and I don’t know why that is.So when I find one I like I can't date her It's very frustrating... Oh and I know Kim ask us if we prefer girls or boys. Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are still dating, despite many Twi-hard predictions expecting them to break up by this point.Now, when Rob was dating Kristen Stewart, he went out of his way to never get photographed with her, apart from media events and Twilight premieres. Well, he and FKA Twigs might as well start their own paparazzi outlet, considering how much they get photographed indulging in public displays of affection.

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    Edit Ashley began dating her second boyfriend actor, Evan Ross and married him in August 2014.