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Chan's first major role was in the 2004 period drama Love in a Miracle, playing the main antagonist.He was then given a major supporting role in My Date with a Vampire III (2004).

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He was the youngest player to represent Hong Kong in overseas competitions at the time.Chan graduated from TVB's Seventh Artiste Training Class of 1994.Chan's television debut was in the serial drama Instinct in 1994, where he briefly appeared as the young friend of Ekin Cheng's character Pao Man-lung.He was cast into supporting roles in several successful television dramas, such as The Threshold of a Persona (2009), Burning Flame III (2009), The Mysteries of Love (2010), Ghost Writer (2010), When Lanes Merge (2010), and Every Move You Make (2010), most of them being villainous roles.In 2011, Chan garnered media attention and critical acclaim for his portrayal of barrister Keith Lau in the television legal drama The Other Truth.In 2001, Chan signed with ATV to start working on television acting again.

According to Chan, his first two years at ATV were "rough, uncomfortable, and filled with regret." Despite his past acting experiences in both television and film, ATV only gave him minor roles and spots in music videos.Besides performing in television dramas, Chan also made appearances in many variety shows, and hosted many gala ceremonies for ATV.Unsatisfied with his career at ATV, Chan returned to TVB in 2008 and signed an eight-year management contract with the company.Weeks later, he made a brief appearance in the sitcom A Kindred Spirit as the friend of Andy, portrayed by Hawick Lau, who was Chan's training class classmate.For the next three years, Chan performed in minor roles in over eighteen TVB television dramas.After five years of committing to the sport, Chan left the team upon finishing his high school education exams.