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Interested in running Linux but are afraid of accidentally formatting your primary hard drive?

In this how-to, Gary Rosenzweig of Mac takes a look at best practices for making and storing passwords.

This three-part video tutorial series will show you how to do just that using Ubuntu.

Are you, as a Linux user, jealous of the gaming possibilities available to your Windows and GNU/Linux-running friends?

This tutorial from Linux Journal Online shows how you can use Gnu PG to secure and verify data on your Linux box.

(This video was created using only free and open source software tools: Tight VNC, pyvnc2swf, ardour2, audacity, jackd, LAME, kolourpaint, cinelerra-cv, mjpegtools, and ffmpeg.) Do you access either Flickr or Facebook from a home computer running Mac OS X?

Provided you have the bandwidth, running your a own web server can be a good way to cut down on hosting costs.

In this tutorial, Gary Rosenzweig looks at how you can use your Mac to develop Web pages using the built-in Apache Web server and PHP.In this video tutorial, Gary Rosenzweig of Mac looks at two useful extensions for i Photo that will allow you to upload your photos directly from i Photo to Flickr and Face Book.Interested in connecting your Apple computer to your XBox 360 game console?In this tutorial, Linux Journal Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, takes you through installing Ubuntu on a machine running Windows with the Wubi installer.Install and uninstall Linux as if it were a Windows application with this how-to.In this tutorial, Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to find the largest files on your hard drive and clean them up to create more space.