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Our law firm can help you attain your freedom to live like an ordinary citizen.Our law firm knows what it takes to clear criminal records, and we make it as easy as we can for you.

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The pair were jailed in April this year at Bournemouth Crown Court for charges relating to taking an indecent image of a child under 18.

It reads: 'My beautiful Gaia, a true 'Gaia' spirit.

'A wise magnificent soul that burns far too bright for this world.

She said: 'I am aware that my son had a brief friendship with Gaia Pope when she was 16 and had just started college.'Within weeks of their friendship ending Gaia made an accusation to the police which was not upheld.'To the best of my knowledge my son has not had any contact with Gaia since their friendship ended at least two years ago.' Gaia Pope went missing on November 7, and was last seen in a distressed state at the home of her childhood friend Nathan Elsey - she is pictured at one of her favourite beauty spots, which is where her body was found Gaia Pope's grief-stricken mother Natasha Pope wrote a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter.

It was read by Gaia's father Richard Sutherland today.

A post-mortem examination has not identified any injuries to suggest third party involvement and Miss Pope's death is currently being treated as 'unexplained'.

It has now surfaced that she was anxious about the release of 24-year-old Connor Hayes.Our firm will help you throughout the whole process and make sure the best arguments in favor of expungement are presented to the judge.Ultimately it is the judge's decision, and it will be based on a number of factors.Not everyone can clear his or her felony record, but if you've only got one felony, you shouldn't have to pay for the rest of your life for one mistake, especially if it was a misunderstanding.Expunging a felony charge works differently in every state, but there are certain factors which make it more or less likely that having your arrest record expunged will be possible.If you've been carrying around a felony conviction for awhile, you probably know the ways in which it makes many things people take for granted more difficult, things like getting a job, a loan, or a home.