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Besides, Parental Control and Windows Media Center can help you block access to viewing unwanted TV-programs and movies.

The psychologists consider the pictures with violence or porno content to be harmful for child’s psyche.

You can also specify the web sites to be allowed or forbidden.

As in Windows, the Mac Parental Control system is adjusted for each specific user.

You are supposed to create user accounts (with limited privileges), and after that you set up the restrictions for each particular user account.

In the tab (Others) you can set Control Panel restrictions (Add Printer, DVD-recording).

You can explain to your kid what kind of internet information is good or bad for him.

You can also schedule the best hours for computer use. This is the most difficult approach and it is mainly based on trust.

The advantage here is that the web sites are already filtered and there is no need for parents to waste their time and sort the web pages out.

The disadvantage here is that the database gets quickly out of date and it takes time for the database to be updated.

«Allow Lists» - the web sites selected by parents manually.

The advantage here is that the parents themselves choose the web sites to be visited.

This is a Parental Control system that combines Active and Passive controls.

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