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This is usually a fairly stylised version of the theme, and usually includes numerous added embellishments and connecting notes.The subsequent variations can number from one up to about twenty, although there are a few fragmentary tunes for which only a ground is known.

Traditionally, the music was taught using a system of unique chanted vocables referred to as Canntaireachd, an effective method of denoting the various movements in pibroch music, and assisting the learner in proper expression and memorization of the tune.These are usually classified as follows: Few pibrochs are pure examples of any of these structures though most can be fit into one of the first three with a slight modification of one or two of the phrases in one or more lines. The role of the pibroch may inform the performers interpretative expression of rhythm and tempo.A compilation of the structure of many pibroch tunes, including related historical essays, was written by A. Many pibroch tunes have intriguing names such as "Too Long in This Condition", "The Piper's Warning to His Master", "Scarce of Fishing", "The Unjust Incarceration" and "The Big Spree" which suggest specific narrative events or possible song lyric sources.The siubhal comprises theme notes each coupled with a single note of higher or lower pitch that usually precedes the theme note.The theme note is held and its paired single note cut.The Gaelic names of these type movements are: leumluath, taorluath, and crùnluath.

In almost all pibroch in which these later movements are found, the variations are played first as a singling and then as a doubling and with a slightly increased tempo.However, not all pibrochs will include all or even any of these movements but instead use variations that are deemed to be irregular.In addition the theme will usually have one of several internal structures for the ordering of its musical phrases.In some cases the name and subject matter of pibroch tunes appears to have been reassigned by-19th century editors such as Angus Mac Kay, whose book A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music (1838) included historically fanciful and romantic pibroch source stories by antiquarian James Logan.A number of pibroch collected by Mac Kay have very different titles in earlier manuscript sources.A number of the earliest manuscripts such as the Campbell Canntaireachd MS that predate the standard edited published collections have been made available by the Alt Pibroch Club website as a publicly accessible comparative resource.

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