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Once again the kids cooked out of their skins, but it was Alysha, Jade, Marcus and Miraede that got their eager hands on precious Top 20 aprons.To introduce heat 3 an ice-cream van rolled into the warehouse carrying none other than Gary, who informed the contestants that they would be making ice-cream based desserts, with 80 minutes cooking time.

Gary revealed that the best six dishes would be tasted and points awarded to the best three.

Top 50 - Round 2 (air date: 2011-09-26) The second heat of Junior Master Chef’s Top 50 was revealed to be a healthy fast food challenge, with the contestants having 80 minutes to serve up guilt-free goodies.

Providing them with their ingredients was Matt Moran, serving from behind the counter in Junior Master Chef’s version of a fast food palace.

Given two hours and an amazing array of ingredients, the hopefuls produced an incredible display of dessert cooking, with the guest of honour being taken aback by them all.

With only four Top 20 aprons up for grabs however, Gracie, Lily, Madi and Jack were judged as the best performers, sending them through to the next stage of the competition.

Divided into five teams, each was given a mentor who revealed their core ingredient.

Peter Gilmore unveiled poultry and game, Kylie Kwong vegetarian ingredients, Justin North red meat, Shaun Presland seafood and Adriano Zumbo desserts.The contestants had 50 minutes to prepare a Greek dish using spatchcock, lamb or squid as the main ingredient.Madi’s fabulous lamb dish took the win, Jack again placed second with his stuffed squid hoods and Indigo secured third place points with her Skordalia spatchcock.But in any case, we still provide you a quality service.In the coming 2018 year we will meet many new tv series and movies, many tv shows will renew to a new seasons.Dig Me Up Dig Me Down (air date: 2016-10-31) After the death of his wife, Sheriff Miller is forced into retirement and replaced by Evie Barret.

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