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While attending the Polytechnic Institute, Halin’ s father joined the well-known Latvian students’ fraternity, Celonija, and helped pay.

From 1935 until 1940 Hahn* s father was Chairman of the Latvian Parent Teachers* Association.

As with most dictators, Ulmanis attempted to instill a liking for his regime in the school children of that day.

This affected Hahn and his sisters to such an extent that occasional arguments between Hahn and his father arose in their home.

Hahn’s father, Antons, being however, quite a nationalist, which was the exact opposite of Olga’s family's feeling, occasionally found himself in differences with her family, but nevertheless managed to sway Olga's two brothers toward Latvian nationalism to such an extent that in later life they becanie well-known Latvian patriots who fought against German as well as Russian oppression and subjugation while participating in the Latvian Independence battles, 1914 - 1918.

During his days as a member of the fraternity Celonija — which at that time was the only social center for college students — Hahn’s father continually propounded Latvian nationalism through anti-German sehtlments, and also became an excellent fencer.

was shot in later life because of some type of revolutionary activity which Hahn’s parents seldom talked about, but casually indicated that it was the 1905 revolution when this incident occurred.

Antons himself took the commercial course In the Polytechnic Institute of Biga, which he completed with a master’s degree in Economy.' Vt*' V V * I' •• does not recall all the details of his father’s first job with ; the Latvian State he does remember .that Antons had some kind of ) position in the Latvian Archives.Consequently Halm's mother and father moved to Leningrad with their children, Marglta ^^n 19H, and Ingrida ^ 1913* After the end ox World War I in 1918, Antons returned to Latvia and resided on his parents' farm In Vecpielga, where Clevland 0.Hahn was born on 7 June, 1919* Shortly after this birth, in ithe same year, Antons moved where he procured a position with the newly Although Hahn : .j I ^ j From 1935 to 1944 Hahn's father also taught Commerce and ^ Economy In the Olav Commercial School in Riga.