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But it's the 1956 Heisman Trophy winner who looks at his former Irish teammate with admiration. He's what we all aspire to be - that successful and to handle people the way he's handled them.You can't do it any better," said Hornung, who lives in Louisville but still talks to Morse once every month or two.

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Mary's as longtime Muskegon-area football observers such as Jim Moyes have documented.

Morse is the patriarch of a large but close family, one full of high-achievers in athletics and business.

Blue-collar Muskegon has been in his blood from the beginning and it remains that way today.

He was raised primarily by his grandmother, living in more rugged areas of Muskegon before they moved to a home just south of town. He and younger brother, John, had no real male role model to speak of in the home.

As a young boy during the World War II years, Morse sold newspapers on the street corner in downtown Muskegon.

Instead, during business hours, he chooses to spend much of his time at his Norton Shores office.

"I feel great," Morse says from his Jetaway Air Service LLC office space overlooking the runway at Muskegon County Airport. I mean, he should feel great -- he's only 80." Make no mistake, Jim Morse IS living the good life, at least by his standards.

While Morse technically never played for eventual perennial power MCC, he was the first to wear a Crusaders football uniform.

In the summer of 1953, shortly after he had collected his diploma from St.

"You know, get your nose to the grindstone and do whatever you have to do to not necessarily be successful but to be whatever you want to be.

And that doesn't matter, really, what that is, whether you want to be an artist, a football player, a businessman.

Whatever you want to be, take the time, take the steps that are necessary to get there.

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    She is also known for her work with Habitat for Humanity, a global nonprofit housing organisation.