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“You can be exhausted even prior to going on the date, because you’re so worried about, ‘How will I manage x, y or z if it comes up? At the International OCD Foundation’s annual conference in Chicago, Illinois in the United States this year, a panel tackled dating.A young woman in the audience recounted that, ahead of a trip to Italy, she learned to ask in Italian if a boy she met had diseases.

Would anything have been different had I waited longer to tell these guys about my illness? I have no qualms about someone seeing my cellulite, but I am afraid of him seeing my self-inflicted scars; I'm not sure I would trust a person who had caused herself such violence, so why should he trust me?Dating with OCD can create obstacles, not just because many associate the term with a quirky affinity for keeping things extremely clean or organised – for example, the person with colour-coded socks.But, OCD can be a dangerously debilitating disease.I am getting ready to switch medications, which can be ugly. I've seen how my illness affects my loved ones, and as much as I long for marriage and children, I often think everyone might be better off if I moved to a secluded fjord in Iceland and just sent postcards. She's thoughtful and shy, eats regular meals and goes out with her friends, reads books and likes making things. But the mentally ill side of me, like the springy snakes you stuff inside a joke can of nuts, is going to burst forth with a vengeance at some point, and she is no joke.She is hateful and self-pitying, withdrawn, listless, angry.For the Chicago man, learning about his OCD helped his girlfriend understand previous issues.

When she wanted to go on a weekend walk, he wouldn’t want to leave the house. They both agree that his disorder requires a lot of understanding.

Because of fears like this, paying attention is a big obstacle.

“To probably have any dates work out, you have to be somewhat present,” Grant said.

It's mostly a trail of intense but short-lived relationships, with a few regrettable one-night stands sprinkled here and there.

A boy I met in grad school lasted a year, but we were too hot-tempered to coexist in the same air.

“The next day, I would be a total basket case, wondering what if she was sick, what if she’s got a stomach virus,” he said. “I don’t want to put up with my own OCD, so I don’t expect anyone else to.” Smith thinks sharing his history with OCD is part of developing a relationship.

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