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Electronic fluency aids help some stutterers when used as an adjunct to therapy.

The success of therapy depends largely on the stutterer's willingness to work at getting better.

Parents, teachers and others can help ease stuttering.

These include: talking slowly, but normally, clearly, and in a relaxed manner to a stutterer; answering questions after a pause to encourage a relaxed transaction; trying not to make stuttering worse by getting annoyed by a person's stuttering; giving stutterers reassurance about their stuttering; and encourage the stutterer to talk about his or her stuttering.

Normal language development in a child usually includes a period of disfluency.

Children might repeat syllables or words once or twice.

Sometimes, children experiencing normal disfluencies hesitate during speech or use fillers, including "um," with frequency.

These developmental problems usually happen between one and five years of age.The duration of stuttering therapy needed varies among stutterers. "Evidence for a major gene influence on persistent developmental stuttering." Human Biology 76, no. Sometimes, stutterers find intermittent therapy useful throughout their lives. More than 3 million Americans stutter and four times more males are affected than females.Stuttering usually begins in childhood when the child is developing language skills, and it rarely develops in adulthood with only 1 percent of the population affected by the disorder.Parents and teachers often notice the child's facial muscles become tense and he or she might struggle to speak.