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GRASSTREES AUSTRALIA - phone: 08 9359 1443 670 Welshpool Rd Wattle Grove WA 6107 Suppliers & transplanters of recycled mature native grasstrees (blackboys) & Zamia Palms (cycads) Available Australia - Wide and Internationally.Also available recycled mature WA Xmas trees (Nuytsia Floribunda) PALMS BY PEELDALE(Peeldale Pty.

PALMS OF THE ORIENT - phone: (08) 94548998 11 Brand Rd High Wycombe.Soil amendment for sandy or clay soils needs to be carried out before planting to ensure successful growth.Used widely in commercial landscaping Palm Trees are a feature in housing and retail developments in nearly every state.Leather boots are heavier but will last for years if you care for them.They can feel stiff and unforgiving when new, but will mold to your feet over time.If you’re after something to take on summer travels, lower cut hiking shoes (basically very rugged trainers) are a good option and easier to wear around town as well as in the hills.

When it comes to fit, make sure there’s lots of room to wiggle your toes and no tightness around your heels, and always try boots on whilst wearing proper hiking socks.

Export to Holland, Spain, USA and supply the Australian market.

JUST BIG CANES - phone: 0403 461 652 Beachmere Road, Caboolture Caboolture QLD 4510 Growers and suppliers of large Golden Cane Palms (Dypsis Lutescens).

Make sure you’ve got the right protection on your feet first, with our pick of the best men’s hiking boots on the market (we’ve found ones for women, too).

First up, you’ll need to decide whether you want a leather or fabric design.

Container trees generally range from 1 - 6m in height, advanced specimens are available as fully grown trees.

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