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Then please read README.development for further instructions. Unless you are actively working on Anki, please use the latest stable tarball instead.Please see this section of the manual for info on translating Anki into a different language.

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We've seen many users experience problems with these distributed versions, due to them being out of date or missing appropriate libraries.

For this reason, the compiled package above is recommended over using the version of Anki bundled with your Linux distribution.

And being a poor student, I'll be forever grateful that you've provided this software open-source and free of charge." Upgrading is as simple as installing the new version over the old version, and your data will be preserved.

Simply close Anki if it's currently running, then follow the steps in the Installation section above.

Get Anki Mobile Anki Mobile is a paid companion to the free computer program, for use on Apple devices.

By purchasing the app, you help to support Anki's future development.

Once downloaded, the following commands in a terminal window will install it system-wide.

The $ is the prompt character, and shouldn't be typed in.

Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki.

Since it is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via La Te X), the possibilities are endless.

Make sure what you're entering in matches the file you downloaded.