Problems with teachers dating students

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This will make it a lot less daunting and you’ll know exactly how much you’ve done.

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You’re socialising, you’re learning, you aren’t bored. 6) Not leaving enough time Start well in advance of your exams.

Exams are coming up, the big day is looming, and deadlines are fast-approaching round the corner – yet you just can’t seem to knuckle down and get your head in the books. Many of us will be able to relate to the trials and tribulations associated with studying and revising but fear not: where there’s a problem, there is also a solution.

So, here the top ten revision-related issues faced by students – and how to conquer them: 1) Procrastination Undoubtedly, one of the most common problems, sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it.

10) Can’t revise for essay exams If you’re doing a subject that requires you to write an essay in your exam, start your revision by writing a detailed plan of exactly what you want to say.

Rewrite it again but, every time you do, reduce the amount of detail.

It gives you a clear idea of the subjects and topics you’ll be revising each day and helps you organise your studies around your life.

Websites like Get Revising have free online study planners that will do this for you, so make use of them.Sure, colouring in your revision calendar or alphabetising your flash cards feels productive – but is it really revision?If you’re procrastinating while revising a certain subject, study something else for a bit or take a break completely.Ditch the books for ten, 15 minutes; chat to your family or go watch a bit of TV.When you sit down for the next attempt, your head will be clear and you’ll be ready to get going.Try to relate your subjects to everyday life – make it funny.

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