Selena gomez and samuel krost dating website

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Krost posted the above Instagram photo online, showing what seems to be some vacation time with friends. The couple has been spotted together at many hot spots from Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu to Cipriani in New York to the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills.The pictures of [Selena Gomez] and Samuel may have looked more romantic than they really were, those two are well and truly in the friend zone.

"Selena is a real girl with a real heart and real feelings," he started.

Paparazzi caught them holding hands on several outings, and the romance rumors began.

Gomez never confirmed they were dating and at one point, even told press she was very much single.

(Side note: What’s with people immediately speculating full-blown romance from hand-holding and dinner-sharing?

But there she was, hanging out with NYU alum Samuel Krost, and the internet lost their minds.

Krost is reported to be dating Gomez and we’ve got the details on their rumored relationship, background on Krost, and the couple’s mutual connection.

Samuel Krost has a background as a sales and merchandising executive who just graduated as a student at New York University.

When he was on a date with Gomez in November 2015, the couple was joined by model Cully Smoller.

In addition, Krost is good friends with model Gigi Hadid.

In it, he calls out haters for not understanding that Selena is a real girl, with real feelings, and says that even though they've gone their separate ways, he still loves her. But then he mysteriously deleted the post soon after. All I know is Samuel is definitely in his Selena feels.

The world seemed to stop a few months ago when Selena Gomez was spotted holding hands with … )But while she Instagrammed Sam in a few photos of a New Year getaway, Selena never confirmed or denied dating him. Fans also spotted that he not only hashtagged the post #selenagomez, but @‘d Selena, maybe in an attempt that she’d see his note.

According to his Linked In account, he was quite the accomplished student, graduating Cum Laude, on the Dean’s List Honors, part of the Tisch Scholar’s Program and he studied abroad in the NYU Madrid Global Campus.