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‘In the last decade there’s been pressure to give birth before turning 30,’ says Marija Senic, 24, from Serbia.

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So is the Balkan woman moving towards a western, less conservative European model?

We hear from Balkan guys and girls 'From what I have seen in the last two decades, women are becoming more likely to approach a man rather than always waiting for the man to ‘make the first move’,’ explains Tony White, a British Australian transactional analyst.

However, there’s a catch; these approaches usually remain limited to ‘first base’.

‘Most women will not sexually approach a man with the idea of having full sexual contact.

That motive for the sexual approach remains in the realm of the male psyche, so not much has changed really.’However, there are some exceptions from the rule.

A website soon followed with a forum where women discuss men, sex and are able to write to the main character of the book in the hunt for advice.

It proves that the taboo has definitely shaken up the minds of new generations of women.In May 2008 voters elected a new parliament in which some minority ethnic parties won seats.Observers considered both elections to be mostly in line with international standards. During the year the following human rights problems were reported: physical mistreatment of detainees by police; inefficient and lengthy trials; harassment of journalists, human rights advocates, and others critical of the government; limitations on freedom of speech and religion; lack of durable solutions for large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs); corruption in legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government including police; government failure to apprehend the two remaining fugitive war crimes suspects under indictment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY); societal violence against women and children; societal violence and discrimination against minorities, particularly Roma and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) population; and trafficking in persons.I’m not ashamed of my choices but I do hate the question of how many men I’ve had so far.That makes me a bit ashamed, but just because of the criticism in society I guess.’ Simonida confirms that its normal to have a more secret sex life in Serbia.If something is characterised as bad it should be same for everyone.’ But at the same time, Struka also says: ‘Criticism (from the women) should be constructive, to make girls think about their behaviour and to stay on the right track.’One recent controversial book on the subject is based on a true story of a young woman who gradually becomes promiscuous.

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