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He brings them over and asks, 'Dad, can we have a few autographs for the girls? In September 1990, William French Anderson, MD, posed with 4-year-old Ashi De Silva at the NIH clinical center.

She didnt go into too much detail, because children were present, but suggested I e-mail Dr. She recommended that I read French Anderson: The Father of Gene Therapy, by Bob Burke and Barry Epperson, published in 2003, for background. Prisons have strict rules about what a prisoner can receive, so Kathy brought my manuscript, a chapter at a time, to her husband.

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Andersons wife Kathy, and read an article in the October 2007 issue of Wired, "Molest Conviction Unravels Gene Pioneers Life", by Jennifer Kahn. That took awhile to find, but meanwhile I wrote to Dr. A few weeks later, the chapters came back to me marked up, along with a letter explaining that he wasnt yet free to speak to me, nor had he been free to tell Jennifer Kahn, about evidence he believed would exonerate him. Anderson is one of the founders of gene therapy, I included his story in my book.

But as Id feared, that section ended up on the cutting room floor. Martins Press drew big red Xs through it, although she passed it on to the attorney who rejected it immediately. Anderson remained, up through 1992, all in the context of leading the first gene therapy experiment. Anderson made it through, opening part III, Evolution of an Idea: If you have people dying of genetic disease, due to a defective gene, then you correct the gene I am delighted that today, gene therapy is having a rebirth.

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Of course, sexy Cindy is happy to use the hands-on approach when it comes to teaching a new skill!My total mental efforts are towards exoneration and release.Then I'll see where the field stands and whether my brain can catch up.The inappropriate touching and medical exams allegedly happened from 1997 to 2001, starting when the girl was ten. More than 200 scientists, many quite prominent, formed "Friends of French Anderson" and sent detailed letters to the court vouching for his character.But despite appeals, he has been in prison all this time. Anderson has just unveiled a website, includes forensic evidence in his defense and other documents. I wont discuss the evidence or legal details, at least not yet, but I wanted to relate how I came to learn about the case. Andersons papers through the 1980s and 1990s, and was shocked to learn about his 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.