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Naturally holed stones were used as protection against “…unworldly misfortunes from the evil eye (which they might be thought to resemble)…” ( Belief in the protective powers of holes stones was widespread and they were regarded as magical devices to protect both man and beast.

Alexander Bell was also known for his work and research on the Wolvercote gravels and deposits near Oxford (Nature, 1920). This elliptical shaped boring bivalve, which can reach 12 cm in length, is found at everal sites along the east coasts of Northumbria and Yorkshire. It stays in its burrow for its entire eight-year lifespan. We’re one of the UK’s leading pharmacy chains with 780 branches across the country.We aim to be the preferred local pharmacy at the heart of the communities we serve. There is no mention of a William Twizel in the 1901 census.

The stone comes from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, and was donated in 1908 by a Miss Humble, Alexander James Montgomerie Bell, and William Twizel (actually Twizzell) in 1908.

Holed stones are known variously as hagstones, witch stones, holey stones, snake stones, thunderstones, dobbie stones, and in the north-east of England sometimes as adder-stones, with geodes referred to as eagle-stones (Simpson, 2000; 2008).

As can be seen the use of naturally holed stones was widespread in farmyards where “…holed stones were fastened to the hose or byre door…to keep way witches or pixies, or just for good luck.” (Ettlinger, 1943).

It is recognised by its typical whitish colouration and is also known for its bio-luminescence (; A naturally holed flint, also in the Pitt Rivers Museum, was “…found attached to a hammered peg, buried beside a brick wall of a workhouse in Thame (Oxon), built in 1836.” (Ettlinger, 1943).

Holed stones were therefore built into walls as amulets.

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