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Those words in the background brings the painting altogether because it shows that people like Hassani have no voice in Afghanistan, more so women do not have a voice or even rights in places such as Afghanistan.In places like this, women are usually seen as property or housewives that take care of the family; they aren’t seen as human beings and are unable to get the same respect men receive.

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He also stated he has seen the book titled Subway Art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper; he was blown away by the seventies culture of spray paint.

Additionally, El Mac was inspired by classic European painters such as Caravaggio and Art Nouveau symbolists Klimt and Mucha.

For example, he painted a mural in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam of a person from a different country in 2012.

The significance of El Mac’s murals is to capture the reality of individuals no matter their culture by taking a picture of a person doing everyday actions or activities.

Around this time, he started to paint his own interpretations of classic European paintings; this led him to be authorized by the Groeninge Museum in Brugge, Belgium in 2003.

As time went on he has been authorized to paint murals across the world in places such as Denmark, Canada, and Cuba.Murals can have significant meanings within a community and society because they can communicate social, political, and racial issues.Los Angeles born street artist El Mac is famous around the world for his portraits of everyday people from different cultural backgrounds.Hassani is the first and only female graffiti writer in Afghanistan, she is also an associate professor in the Fine Arts Department at Kabul University.The Arabic words in the back were done my Hassani and they mean Birds of no nation/ Are all captive/ Like me/ With no voice for singing.Asia Pacific Triennial in Australia according to his blog titled Mac Art.