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He has a computer science degree from Stanford and is a member of the House committee that oversees information technology.

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So any choices that a congressman could’ve made, choosing a phone, choosing a pin number, installing or not installing certain apps, have no influence over what we are showing because this is targeting the mobile network. Mark on recording: I sent you some revisions on the letter to the N. We were invited for a rare look at the inner workings of security research labs. That’s where we met Karsten Nohl, a German hacker, with a doctorate in computer engineering from the University of Virginia.John Hering: In today’s world there’s really only-- two types of companies or two types of people which are those who have been hacked and realize it and those who have been hacked and haven’t. John Hering offered to prove it -- so he gathered a group of ace hackers at our Las Vegas hotel. Jon Oberheide pointed out the greatest weakness in mobile security is human nature. First he sent me a text message with an attachment to download. But Congressman Lieu didn’t have to do anything to get attacked. Sharyn Alfonsi : So give us an idea, without being too specific, of the types of people that would be in a congressman’s phone. Ted Lieu: There are other members of Congress-- other elected officials. Sharyn Alfonsi: How much do you think people have been kind of ignoring the security of their cellphones, thinking, “I’ve got a passcode, I must be fine? Each of them a specialist in cracking mobile devices and figuring out how to protect them. It started when we logged onto the hotel Wi-Fi -- at least it looked like the hotel Wi-Fi. Jon Oberheide: With social engineering, you can’t really fix the human element. John Hering: “We’re in business.”Then Hering called from San Francisco and proved it worked. All Karsten Nohl’s team in Berlin needed to get into the congressman’s phone was the number. Last year, the president of the United States called me on my cellphone. So if the hackers were listening in, they would know that phone conversation. Nohl told us the SS7 flaw is a significant risk mostly to political leaders and business executives whose private communications could be of high value to hackers. Towards the end of Eastern Han, Concubine Wang gives birth to twins but announces only one as the true heir and sends the second baby away.

Eighteen years later, the feudal lords are embroiled in war and the Emperor is gravely ill. We heard we could find some of the world’s best hackers in Germany. Just off a trendy street and through this alley we rang the bell at the door of a former factory. Almost everything you can imagine is linked to the world wide web. You’ve probably been warned to be careful about what you say and do on your phone, but after you see what we found, you won’t need to be warned again.All we gave Nohl, was the number of the 60 Minutes i Phone that we lent the congressman. It is a little-known, but vital global network that connects phone carriers.Sharyn Alfonsi: Congressman thank you so much for helping us...”John Hering: I think that most people have not really thought about their phones as computers. Sharyn Alfonsi: And that’s what you think-- it’s like having a laptop now? I mean, your mobile phone is effectively a supercomputer in your pocket. Adam Laurie: Would you put your money in a bank that didn’t test their locks on their safes? Hering had created a ghost version--it’s called spoofing. John Hering: I installed some malware in your device that’s broadcasting video of your phone. Remember SS7 --that little-known global phone network we told you about earlier? There’s a flaw in it that allowed Nohl to intercept and record the congressman’s calls and track his movements in Washington and back home. The SS7 network is the heart of the worldwide mobile phone system. Sharyn Alfonsi: What is your reaction to knowing that they were listening to all of your calls? The ability to intercept cellphone calls through the SS7 network is an open secret among the world’s intelligence agencies -- -including ours -- and they don’t necessarily want that hole plugged.

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