Sheffield telegraph online dating

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Sheffield telegraph online dating

Originally posted by Andy Alternatively, the City Library has the Sheffield Star on microfilm, but you need to book a viewer.As Andy has said the City Library is probably your best bet, I have also been to the Sheffield Star to view archives in the past, but I was shocked and disapointed in how their archive system worked.

However, they are aimed at the general public and do not tend to be very technically detailed or academically rigorous.

From 16 July 1934 to 29 October 1938 it appeared as the Sheffield Telegraph, and as the Sheffield Telegraph and Daily Independent from 31 October 1938 until .

During the first years of the war (-12 June 1942) the newspaper was named the Telegraph & Independent, changing briefly (13 June 1942-14 July 1942) to the Sheffield Telegraph and Independent, before assuming the title Sheffield Telegraph on 15 July 1942 which it maintained until 14 September 1965.

As has been the case for its sister publications, the Telegraph has undergone several name changes during its history.

In its early years, the newspaper was owned by Frederick Clifford and then William Leng.

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This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.I have searched the Star Newspaper microfiches for hours and havent had much success.The problem is the microfiches do not contain the full pages only selected items and they do not cover all the different district editions.The Sheffield Telegraph was founded in 1855 as the Sheffield Daily Telegraph. Leng became editor in 1864, moving the business to Aldine Court, introducing Linotype printing and using it to support the Conservative Party.It was the city's first daily newspaper, published at each morning. After taking over the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent in 1938, it dropped the "Daily" from its name.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

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