To intimidating people

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To intimidating people - dating chat rooms for seniors

Strong individuals are willing to recognize and work towards opportunities where others may not, and they make no apologies for it.Related article: 10 Life Lessons To Learn From A Strong Woman In a society that craves attention using the antics of drama, strong people could care less.

She’s been divorced twice, leaving her to raise two sons on her own.When a problem arises, someone with a strong personality will simply focus on what needs to be done to fix it.Why agonize over a problem or situation when one is powerless to control it?This is particularly true when working or concentrating on some other important task – strong personalities simply don’t have the time or inclination to engage in trivial conversations.Needless to say, small talk is a big part of daily life in America.Strong people have a way of making opportunities without needing much assistance from others.

This tremendous work ethic and ability to take advantage of opportunities can intimidate the less motivated, which can in turn invite hostility.But more often than not, you find yourself on the receiving end of a different kind of compliment: the old "you're so intimidating" line.Being called intimidating feels like a sneaky diss that somehow makes you swell with pride. Because being called intimidating is actually the greatest compliment you'll ever receive.Whether or not they’re viewed as intimidating for being ambitious is irrelevant to strong people.Contemplating the hostile attitudes of those around them is even more so.They epitomize the old axiom “you actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.” Once again, strong people are notorious for keeping their heads down and doing what needs to be done – regardless of how unpleasant it may be.

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