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Also read: Is Divyanka Tripathi also a Radhe Maa follower?Being the second daughter of the family, she was treated like a boy and she in turn adapted the same attitude.

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What did you tell yourself to push forward with your goals? I compensated for the language or cultural barrier and whatever skills that were lacking with hard work and eternal enthusiasm.

by Sherene Joseph – Follow @Sherene Joseph When it comes to South Asian women in media, few have had such an illustrious career and staying power as Patti Tripathi.

From news director to entrepreneur to women’s empowerment advocate, Tripathi’s rise to success—and a few pitfalls along the way—is a journey that all women can learn from.

I was very happy at that time but things fell apart.

Talking of the life after breakup, Divyanka said,"After break up with Sharad it got difficult for me to shoot at the sets.

Divyanka was in a relationship with actor Sharad Malhotra for 9 years.

I felt like crying every moment but couldn't even cry becauseof the shooting.All through college I would work for the school paper, seek internships or summer jobs with newspaper or TV stations.It was my American dream – I wanted to be the first Indian to anchor national news, much like Nina Davaluri wanted to be the .I was fascinated by TV news as soon as I set my eyes on a television set – it taught me to speak English.I enrolled at the University of Notre Dame as a Pre-Med, English Lit major, but I enjoyed my writing courses more.People around me started saying that something around me is jinxed.

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