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The low mobile readership for the Computer Hardware & Telecommunications sector isn’t terribly surprising because those recipients tend to be B2B customers and more likely to view messages on office work computers.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.According to Kahuna data, 86% of emails in Q1 2016 were opened on a mobile device.– Kahuna “The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index” (Q1 2016) 67,2% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email, 42,3% use a tablet while 93,3% uses desktop environment.Per individual, it means that women spend seven minutes more per month on a smartphone checking email compared to men.– UKOM & Comscore data (2016) Majority of Email Is Opened on a Mobile Device.– Blue Hornet “Customer Views of email marketing 2015” (2015) Webmail and desktop opens have steadily declined throughout 2015, each dropping 13% since January.

–”Email Analytics” (Nov 2015) 75 percent of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices. – Google / Tech Crunch “I/O developers conference” (May 2015) Mobile email opens have grown with 180% in three years. – Campaign Monitor “Email interaction across mobile and desktop” (Q1 2014) An average of 34.1% opens their emails on Mobile devices – “Mid-season year report” (Q3 2014) Responsive design results in a nearly 15% increase in unique clicks for mobile users from a 2.7% average to 3.3%.

Android smartphone 52,99% of users spent 15 seconds or more viewing each message.

Desktop users came in second, with 43,99% spending 15 seconds or more viewing an email.

But i Pad opens have been on a continuous decline over the past year, dropping over 7% from January to July 2015.

– Litmus “Top 10 Email Programs” (July 2015) Mobile received 39% of unique clicks, with 9% from tablets and 61% from all desktop.

While reading email on mobile accounts for 28 percent for Computer Hardware & Telecommunications.