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As a particular portion of non-dipper pattern, reverse dipper pattern has been shown to correlate with the highest incidence of cardiovascular events and worst prognosis in hypertensive patients, comparing with the dippers and non-dippers.

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Therefore, the development of antihypertensive medicine with an effect on decreased fall of nocturnal BP may influence the development of s CAD.

After using chi-squared test, the difference between dipping and non-dipping (p = 0.031), dipping and reverse dipping (p In univariate analysis, the risk factor related to the presence of s CAD were age, gender, smoking, diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, 24-hour SBP, 24-hour DBP, nondipping and reverse dipping of BP.

For further multivariate logistic regression analysis, BP reverse dipping (OR = 1.772, P = 0.027), age (OR = 1.064, P .

Although not written into guidelines, amount of evidences indicated the fluctuations of BP over a certain period could provide additional prognostic value.

For example, visit-to-visit BP variability, a type of long-term variability, was previously considered to be non-specific but now shown to be associated with stroke, in most studies, if not all.

The results may further strengthen the necessity of circadian BP rhythm administration, especially in hypertensive patients with reverse dipping.

The age of all hypertensive patients (257 s CAD and 461 non-s CAD) is 59.6 ± 13.8 years (range: 21 to 87) in average, 54.3% of the participates were males, 29.9% were current smokers, 26.3% had diabetes mellitus and 24-hour SBP were 134.6 ± 14.0 mm Hg.

The dipping variations of circadian blood pressure (BP) correlate closely with target-organ damages and cardiovascular events.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between BP reverse dipping and the prevalence of stable coronary artery disease (s CAD) in hypertensive patients.

Together with our previous discovery about reverse BP dipping and carotid plaque, it is reasonable to hypothesize that reverse dipping may serve as a risk factor for CAD.

Therefore, future prospective studies in human are needed to look into the potential network of regulation.

Our previous studies have demonstrated that BP reverse dipping was exposed to higher risks for lacuna infarction and carotid plaque formation, which was shown to be able to predict coronary artery disease (CAD) accurately.

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