What does dating mean

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What does dating mean - poll biggest dating turn off characteristic

In this case, your answer does not provide additional value, since another user already posted that solution.

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Now, these equations are true insofar as they work (like all true equations in physics). Energy is a value that we can calculate by adding up the values for all of the various energy equations (for springs, or heat, or whatever).

In fact, it isn’t obvious that all of these different forms of energy are related at all.

Joule had to do all kinds of goofy experiments to demonstrate that, for example, the sum of gravitational potential energy and thermal energy stays constant.

I'm sure it didn't help that the app runs on a workstation and the dll's run on a server.

I recompiled all 4 supporting libraries, and then the app itself with these fresh dll's, and that did the trick.

He had to build a machine that turned the energy of an elevated weight into heat, and then was careful to keep track of exactly how much of the first form of energy was lost and how much of the second was gained.

As the weight falls, it turns an agitator that heats the water. He did a few fancy things in 1905, including figuring out a better way of doing mechanics.You may have to recompile the app to make it work with newer versions of the supporting libraries. I eventually found the cause was the way Office 97 was installed: The error would show up if the Office 97 setup sequence was: Welcome to Stack Overflow!Though we thank you for your answer, it would be better if it provided additional value on top of the other answers.The useful thing about energy, and the only reason anyone ever even bothered to name it, is that energy is conserved.If you sum up all of the various kinds of energy one moment, then if you check back sometime later you’ll find that you’ll get the same sum.That can happen when supporting libraries (dlls or ocxs) are not registered properly or the versions of the installed libraries are different (and incompatible) with the version the app was compiled against originally. Right click the project and select Publish then Build Outputs. Another cause can be when using automation, some minor-version mismatch of Office: I have a legacy VB5 Access app (which i'm in the process of rewriting in Delphi and replacing all the automation mess with clean Open Document generation) that ran well on some systems and gave the error on others.