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It's just the way it is; different countries/types of placements have different rules, and "fairness" is not a consideration._______________________ Upper Marlboro: Hi Carolyn, What do you do about a coworker whose niceness you know is fake?

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You won't have as many options as younger married couples do.Of course, I got the gossip from another coworker, who just told me Mary really dislikes me and thinks I don't do good work (which isn't true). That's the first thing you need to know for sure before you choose to speak up.Now that I know this, Mary's niceness feels dishonest and confrontational. _______________________ Oops: My husband and I had his visiting cousin & family over for dinner.So they offer a few features to protect your identity. The other is a pattern lock, which is basically just a gesture password, you’ll have to use each time you open the app.Casualx is obviously catering to a fairly specific audience of users.And so it may be that the cousin & family were trying to be polite and were faced with shellfish, milk products and/or butter in everything--i.e., they tried the let's-be-low-maintenance gamble and lost.

I'm not endorsing it (see above), but instead presenting it as a possibility that I hope will take the issue of who did something "wrong" off the table and replace it with the idea of its being an accident between two parties trying to do the right thing.(For the record, my husband had mentioned earlier that he thought they didn't eat red meat, which is why I settled on a seafood dish.) They wound up staying for only a few minutes, then going back to eat at their hotel restaurant.They sent a thank-you note with a mild apology for not staying, but I'm completely crestfallen. Carolyn Hax: They should have warned you a few days before they arrived.i spent literally two entire days preparing - first a very expensive grocery store run, then several hours of peeling shrimp and vegetables, preparing side dishes and cooking everything.When the relatives got here, they immediately announced that they are strict vegans and could not eat anything I had prepared.And you can see them when you look at anyone's profile.

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