Who is don diamont dating

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Who is don diamont dating

She left and Bill and Brooke had sex for the first time.

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On the homefront, Bill went crazy with fear when Katie announced she was pregnant, as there was substantial risk to her own health, but eventually calmed down and became a proud expectant pop.Bill debated with Katie over whether his drinking was a problem when it came to light he'd had a few before the incident with Caroline.Bill recently learned that Liam and Steffy are having a baby and was thrilled that a new generation of Spencers was on the way.Bill felt bad, but still wanted to be with Brooke – until Katie woke up, apologized and asked for her ring back.They agreed to keep their affair a one-time thing, and a secret.Today, Bill is CEO of Spencer Publications and has just introduced his son and heir to the business world.

Liam Cooper came to town looking for his father, and a DNA test proved it was Bill.Bill encouraged Brooke to resurrect her Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie line for Forrester and helped her orchestrate a fashion show during one of Thomas’ presentations.Taylor saw the two of them celebrate and encouraged Katie to break it up.Bill faced Hope after his deception in Italy came out and since Caroline was responsible for telling Hope, they argued.When Bill pulled away from Caroline she fell over his railing and ended up hospitalized.Bill continued to meddle in Liam's relationships, even bringing Deacon Sharpe to Italy to try and stop Liam's wedding to Hope.

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