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Though like-minded parent and child immediately share a spliff in reunited happiness, it quickly becomes clear that cash-strapped Isis’s devil-may-care lifestyle is something about which even Carla has reservations.

An 18-wheeler, meanwhile, drops cowboy-hat-wearing, itinerant grandma Isis (Sarandon) off at her daughter Carla’s house.

You can call “A Bad Moms Christmas” a “Bad Moms” movie, but it’s really a “Christmas” movie, and a perfectly serviceable one if you don’t mind not laughing much.

It’s like a buffet of appropriately themed holiday snacks whose inherent festiveness you can admire, even if you’re not exactly sated after sampling.

The Xmas edition of “Bad Moms” is OK if not laugh-out-loud, culminating in a grind-and-twerk foursome with a mall Santa. But then the slo-mo gets trotted out again for a dodgeball free-for-all featuring all the families at a Sky Zone trampoline center, and it sinks in just how threadbare the movie is with its mix-and-match family dysfunction comedy.

Also Read: ' Feud' Stars Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange on Plight of Hollywood Women: ' We Were Aged Out' Movies like this care less about the rational progression of situation and character than piling on the wisecracks and outrageous behavior before braking hard with heartfelt reconciliation.

The casualties include less of the first movie’s amusing chemistry between Kunis, Bell and Hahn — forced as they are into individual subplots with their respective characters’ mothers — and the fact that Baranski, Hines and Sarandon play types that veer wildly between crazy and believable.

Ice-queen pro Baranski does the best job of somehow connecting Ruth’s more extremely critical qualities with pendulum-swinging scenes of grandmotherly tenderness into someone recognizably complicated.

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The pair’s spark — part endowment humor, part waxing gags, part loopy affection — is where the movie finds its surest sweet spot between the raunchy and romantic.

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