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has an appealing cast, with John Carroll Lynch in an amusing turn as an irate father, and Kevin Bacon as ‘the other man,’ in addition to all the appealing players named above.Co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the film was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actor (Ryan Gosling).

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A tangled romantic comedy of errors ensues; and, in a plot turn almost worthy of a Shakespearian comedy, the libertine learns that his life of casual relationships is no substitute for the real deal: “I looked at people who were in love, and I thought the way that they were behaving and the things they were doing and saying… And I spent all this time with you, and I was trying to make you more like me; and it turns out, I just want to be…” perhaps?It was nominated as Best Original Score (by Dario Marianelli) at the Golden Globes; it was nominated for Outstanding Achievement by the American Society of Cinematographers; and it was nominated for Excellence in Production Design by the Art Directors Guild.DVD extras include a director’s commentary, eight deleted scenes, and several useful featurettes.become her lover, are uttered partially in jest; but they prove to be both true and prescient.For, in Leo Tolstoy’s sprawling, 864-page novel (originally published in installments in 1873-77), fierce, all-consuming passion truly does prove fatal to happiness.Anna’s society tolerates infidelity in men, but it shuns women who transgress — at least it does if they flaunt their affairs or treat them as more than a trifle.

Anna is mercilessly ostracized by society, a society in Anna’s own brother, a shameless serial philanderer, deems it “impossible” to offer succor to his outcast sister.

For sheer visual panache, elegant performances, and compelling storytelling, was nominated for Academy Awards for Cinematography, Music, Costume Design, and Production Design.

At BAFTA, it won Best Costume Design and was nominated as Best British Film of the Year and in four other categories.

One of the latter discloses the thinking behind the costume design, which unexpectedly mixes 1950’s couture with 1870’s silhouettes.

In Anna’s case, the look they were after was ‘a distillation of chic, luxury, and elegance.’ For ages 16 : Mild sexual content.

Recovering Cal’s “lost manhood,” as Jacob puts it, involves an extreme make-over, Lothario-edition (first to go are the Super-Clips haircut and the wallet that, quite literally, closes with Velcro) — and the human re-engineering process that follows is quite funny!

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